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When I see a face, I see a thousand possibilities, each stunning and unique. For me it is never about rules, trends, or the assumption that what works for me will work for you. My speciality is skin. Glowing, contoured, and perfected. I apply luxury products with professional brushes, blending and diffusing until the make-up is seamless. My style is beautiful make-up meets precision. It looks as flawless in person as it does on camera. 




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I was struggling to find the right person to hire to do my wedding make-up. I'd walk away from a trial run looking orange and super cakey. 

Then I met Gaylin at an Oh Sh!t, We're Sexy event. When it was my turn to get in the chair, I described the "look" I wanted and she started doing her thing. I was nervous to look in the mirror, but I was blown away with her ability to recreate the look I had been longing for. I instantly knew I had to hire Gaylin for my wedding! She helped me fine tune my vision. She even sent me product recommendations and gave me skincare tips on how to achieve that perfect wedding glow. On my wedding day, I felt more beautiful and confident than ever before. Her precise technique, quality of products, and ability to connect with me are the main reasons why I would recommend her in a heartbeat. 


"On my wedding day I felt more

than ever before!"

Kathrina addison
Seattle bride magazine

Gaylinyet is simply THE BEST. 

Now, anyone can do your typical, pretty, bridal makeup look but what sets Gaylinyet apart from all the other makeup artists out there, is she has the ability to take it to the next level. For my wedding day, I didn't want to look like my everyday self but a little more polished. Nope! I wanted to look like an out of this world, rockstar goddess. And that is exactly what Gaylinyet did. 

She took the vision I had dreamed up in my own mind for how I wanted to look and made it a reality. While my husband and I were taking photos on our wedding day outside Pike Place Market, random strangers came and took photos of US because they thought we were celebrities. That's how good the makeup was. Long story short, Gaylinyet is your girl!

Rachel + Colin
DOwntown Seattle Fairytale

"She took the vision I dreamed of in my mind and made it a reality!"

Gaylin is an absolute dream to work with. From the moment I sat down, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Most importantly, she listened to what I wanted. I didn't want traditional, soft, bridal makeup-- I wanted to look like I came straight out of an issue of Vogue.  Sultry, dark eyes, and amp up the drama please! As I explained what I wanted, it was so obvious that Gaylin was getting excited so I told her to run with it-- and she NAILED it. Gaylin made my vision come to life more perfectly than I could have hoped for, and I felt so beautiful, so sexy, and so radiant when I walked toward my groom. 

The whole experience was phenomenal: Gaylin is professional and extremely talented, but she also listens to you and makes your vision come to life. I am so glad I hired her. I cannot recommend Gaylin enough. 

"She took the vision I dreamed of in my mind and made it a reality!"

Rachel + Ty
Intimate Seattle Dream Wedding

To put it simply, working with Gaylin is easy. 

The last thing I want to worry about as a photographer is if my make-up artist is doing her job correctly and making my clients feel comfortable. Gaylin has such a calm energy about her that makes everyone in the room feel relaxed and happy. I can always count on her to be punctual and professional, but at the same time, real and relatable. Having her by my side makes things flow smoothly and keeps me calm, I absolutely love working with her. I feel very lucky to have such a talented friend who helps me and my clients achieve kick-ass photos. xo. 

"To put it simply, working with Gaylin is easy."

tonhya kae photographer
creator of La femme forte

Working with Gaylin is like wearing that perfect cashmere sweater that you got forever ago but still fits you perfectly and is flattering every time. As a photographer, part of your job is to constantly handle every personality type, adapting your energy and style to each person who trusts you to turn your camera on them. Before shoots, nerves tend to run high, and the best thing you can offer your clients is the equivalent of that cashmere sweater, wrapping them up and making them feel like a calm collected babe before they get their photo snapped. 

Walking into a shoot isn't just about looking bomb, it's about feeling hella bomb too, and she's got you covered on both fronts. Gaylin's sweet spirit is rivaled only by her impeccable skills with her makeup kit. The girl will make you look like you were born with bomb cheekbones, perfect brows, and even skin tone-- all while calming your clients' nerves and reminding everyone in the room that at the end of the day, it's about being comfortable in your own skin; and remembering that loving each other and yourself is the key to any good project. I've been lucky to not only have Gaylin work her magic on me and feel her calming good vibes before a shoot-- not an easy feat for all makeup artists. This amazing woman is the total package, and she'll bring nothing but good things to your shoot, whether you're the subject or the photographer. 

"Gaylin's sweet spirit is rivaled only by her impeccable skills with her makeup kit."

Sullivan & Sullivan Photo

I came across Gaylin's work from a mutal friend. I could tell right away there was just something about her & her work. She is truly an artist. 

I had the honor of finally meeting Gaylin at a workshop she co-founded. She is the most kind and caring human. 

The attention, the desire to get to know people goes into all she does. For me as a photographer, I often offer makeup artistry services in my packages. The work and quality matters, but also the makeup artist is often the first person my clients have interaction with prior to their shoot. The people I chose to work with are part of my business and my client experience. I always know that my clients are safe with Gaylin. That she will listen to them, really see who they are and the final look will reflect that. Gaylin is always on my referral list for my brides and clients. 

"The people I choose to work with are part of my business and client experience."

tiarra sorte

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