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April 21, 2016

Almost 2 years ago, in the middle of the night, I got a phone call from my wedding photographer turned good friend Andria Lindquist. She was talking a million concepts a minute with so much excitement “Oh Sh!t this, Oh Sh!t that.” Without skipping a beat I said, “Yes, I’m in. let’s make it happen.” […]

October 9, 2015

Work life balance has been a bit of a doozy lately. Nashville, Chicago, a day in Seattle to re-pack my bag and now Hawaii. Next week, New York. My body can’t figure out what time zone I’m in. But when it’s exactly what I want to be doing, I can’t help but crave more. Oh […]

June 11, 2015

Oh Sh!t, The South….but WHERRRRE??? The morning for the big reveal has finally come! Watch our Oh Sh!t, San Diego because 1.) it’s really fun 2.) at the end Andria and I reveal which city Oh Sh!t, Workshops is taking over next. Oh Sh!t, San Diego 2015 by AndriaLindquist Did you guess correctly? Let’s grab […]

June 9, 2015

People ask all the time how Andria and I met, so the story goes… 3ish or so years ago I was the make-up artist on set of a music video being filmed in Seattle. The drummer happened to be, CJ, Andria’s now fiancé. While doing each of the guy’s make-up, I chatted per usual, and […]

April 30, 2015

Our Oh Sh!t workshop and luxury retreat had a second go in picturesque San Diego. We had a beautiful home that sat on top of a cliff, over looking a valley of palm trees. It is the collaboration of everything we as business owners and women would want for ourselves. We bring together 10 girls from all over the […]

March 27, 2015

Jessi + Ray have a connection some people search for their entire lives. Chemistry that marinates after 10 years of marriage and being in love since high school. So true, and genuine, and beautiful to witness. While the girls of Oh Sh!t, San Diego saw light. I saw highlight and contour. Where they saw angles and […]

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