April 21, 2016

Oh Shit Workshops is LIVE!


Almost 2 years ago, in the middle of the night, I got a phone call from my wedding photographer turned good friend Andria Lindquist. She was talking a million concepts a minute with so much excitement “Oh Sh!t this, Oh Sh!t that.” Without skipping a beat I said, “Yes, I’m in. let’s make it happen.” and Oh Sh!t was born. Since then we’ve had 3 sold out workshops all over the US, 4 Boudoir Events and now branching out Internationally. We’ve been able to create something we actually believe in, a community that is better than it seems on paper and feel like we’re living our most truest selves in Oh Sh!t and what we represent.

Laura & Jason // Artic Club, Seattle. http://andrialindquistblog.com/
well, its about damn time we have a site. happy to say today we move this relationship to “official” and launch our Oh Sh!t, Workshops website. we’ve poured love and care into the details and corners and are so excited to take our SITE LIVE TODAY! OhShitWorkshops.com (link in bio.)
and in Oh Sh!t fashion…we’ll be spreading the love with a GIVEAWAY!
To enter: 1) Join our mailing list online (new additions only) for the Workshops or We’re Sexy OR 2) Hop on over to our new Instagram account @OhShitWorkshops and follow us. We’ll choose one person from each and send you an amazing essential oil spray we’re in love with from @happyspritz (and guess what, that includes men as well, just follow us on IG)

Laura & Jason // Artic Club, Seattle. http://andrialindquistblog.com/
hard work feels real good and our site is fresh on the web. #OhShitWorkshops

//Find us on Instagram @Gaylinyet & @AndriaLindquist

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